PS4 Fans Rejoice: Sony Begins Fortnite Cross-Play Beta

This summer, Sony tested the loyalty of their Fortnite players by restricting their accounts from cross-console play and use. This forced players to create entirely new accounts just for the PS4. But doing so reset their existing progress and purchases. Fans responded with frustration to the lack of a Fortnite cross-play beta. Yet Sony continued to insist the PS4 was the best platform for Fortnite, keeping users isolated from their competition.

Sony’s Fortnite Cross-Play Beta: A Change of Heart

In the meantime, players on the Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile devices could play with each other without any hassle. Now, after receiving immense feedback from the Fortnite community, the company is walking back on their earlier refusal. On September 26, Sony issued a statement on their blog to announce an open beta for Fortnite’s PS4 cross-platform features.

John Kodera, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, wrote it. And this announcement recognized the significance of cross-platform gameplay to gaming communities like Fortnite. The open beta will be a test to make sure the cross-play function works smoothly for all PS4 users. Although the details were sparse, further information about the beta will be available to Sony fans at a later date.

Is Sony Playing Nice?

Does this mean Sony is ready to play nice with its competitors for the sake of a Fortnite cross-play beta version? Not necessarily. The wording of the announcement casts doubts on Sony’s willingness to open their doors for every multiplayer and multiplatform game. The company admitted the impact of cross-play on “communities around some games,” but not all. Also, Sony continues to insist the PS4 is the best platform for Fortnite.

They even suggested its cross-play capabilities will be better than its competitors. However, this is an incredible policy change for Sony given the company’s earlier refusal. These little steps forward can only continue to create a more enjoyable gaming experience for PS4’s Fortnite fans. Thanks to the Fortnite cross-play beta, they can finally join millions of other players in one of the most popular games in the world.