Why “The Last of Us” is a Must-Have Gaming Experience

The Last of Us, is a PlayStation exclusive that came out in 2013, from Naughty Dog. It won the masses with its inventive storytelling and unique and diverse game-play, as well as its next-level graphics. But, over time, new games have come out that surpassed the technology the company used to create the game. Also, a few games have even come close to TLOU’s narrative experience. With The Last of Us Part II┬ácoming out soon, read on to learn what made this 2013 game so memorable that the masses are already lining up to pre-order the sequel.

A Gritty Premise and Plot

Primarily, The Last of Us had a narrative that pulled everyone in. When famous Youtubers such as Pewdiepie or Markiplier first started producing videos on it, they were crying in the first five minutes, as were many of the initial fans. What won most people over was the character development and the plot. It was the ride-or-die, disturbing, beautiful, and gritty premise that held people on the edge of their seats and kept them there even during tranquil scenes, wondering where the hammer would fall next.

Chilling Heart-Stopping Graphics

Sequentially come the graphics. Although some have surpassed TLOU’s graphics, the haunting realism of a life on the run never ceases to impact players. From realistic and terrifying Cordyceps Zombies infesting city streets to the haunting visage of leaning dilapidated towers, the setting, sound effects, and rustic character design make for an impacting and immersive game. Coming back to the game in 2018, quoted by a few TLOU enthusiasts; “Brings back the same chill I had playing it the first time.”

How The Last of Us Set a Haunting Precedence

The gaming industry has since seen an influx of post-apocalyptic titles such as Fallout 4, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, just to name a few. Though Horizon: Zero Dawn came close, it was The Last of Us that set the haunting precedence. The game got the crown on all those before it and even some after.

Creative Director Neil Druckmann said something rather interesting about the sequel that also holds true for the first game. “For us, with The Last of Us specifically (Uncharted is a little different in our creative approaches), we don’t use the word ‘fun,'” he told BuzzFeed. “We say ‘engaging,’ and it might seem like a minor distinction, but it’s an important one for us.”

The Last of Us 2: A Final Conclusion

It’s important to many gamers returning to The Last of Us that it remain that way. There has been some worry that continuing the story will ruin the first and diminish the second. However, at the reveal for TLOU 2’s most recent game trailer, many people praised the new system, flawless combat, and interesting story. It seems, at first glance, as haunting as ever.

Players both new and old to The Last of Us look forward to the sequel, and what comes next in the story for Joel and Ellie. For now, until they release the sequel to PS4, replaying the original is the main goal of every true fan.