Is the MMORPG Genre Really Dying in North America?

For MMORPG fans and PC gaming fans alike, MMORPGs prove to be a fun waste of time for most and an endless grind for others. Despite there being an avid, open market for such games in North America (NA), all MMORPGs come over from Asia. In fact, they don’t produce any in America. Their business technique, creative development, and general fan base are quite different from the NA equivalent. And, because of this, the MMORPG genre has died in NA, rather than flourish.

Can You Trust the Developers?

Instead of changing the marketing plan, MMORPG developers give promises they don’t always keep. The west doesn’t enjoy “pay to win” games. They enjoy games that require effort and skill to “get good” So, many of these developers who bring the game to the west over-hype whatever game they’re bringing over from the east. And then they go back on every word they said. People have seen it time and time again with the recent release and collapse of Bless Unleashed, Black Desert, Revelation Online and ArcheAge, to name a few.

MMORPG fans have learned to not trust the developers who produce these games anymore. Despite there being a good market for MMORPGs, they die quickly once the promise of a non-pay-to-win game falls through. As more of these games continue to fail after coming to NA, less are considering going to the west, leaving the remaining NA fans in the dust.

MMORPGs with a Large Player Base

Currently, there are only a few populated MMORPGs that boast a large and constant player-base without a pay-to-win rhetoric. Some of those games include World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2, Eve Online, and Elder Scrolls Online. However, all of these games either have steep learning curves or are pay to play, especially for later expansions. So it’s up to the MMORPG gamer if they are worth the time or inevitable money.

2017 was a disappointing year for the genre, with few games coming out and most failing miserably. And 2018 has proved to be an equally, if not worse year for the genre. But 2019 has a few offerings, such as the steampunk Korean game, Ascent: Infinite Realm, Lineage’s sequel Project TL, Crowfall, and Chronicles of Elyria. It’s obvious what MMORPG fans in NA want. Now all the developers have to do is listen.