What Does Nintendo Switch Online Have to Offer?

With their recently launched online gaming service, Nintendo has joined the ranks of PlayStation and Xbox, both of which have been offering their players an online gaming subscription service for years. What you’re probably wondering is what does Nintendo Switch Online offer? Also, is it worth the subscription price? To answer those questions, keep reading to learn about the five features subscribers will receive.

Play Multiplayer Online with Current Games

With the online multiplayer option, you can play a variety of recently-released, compatible games with other Switch owners all over the world. However, Switch gamers used to be able to enjoy this benefit for free when playing games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. So, it’s unfortunate that Nintendo is now putting this feature behind a paywall.

Enjoy a Blast from the Past with Retro NES Games

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days when gaming was simpler, they’ve included a selection of retro NES titles in this subscription. Plus, they add more titles on a regular basis. Also, you get local and online multiplayer gameplay with some titles, so others can join in the retro gaming fun.

Keep Your Data Safe in the Cloud

With the Save Data Cloud feature, Nintendo has you covered if your Switch ever malfunctions or you get a new system. That’s because, as a subscriber, your game save data is automatically backed up to the cloud. That means you can retrieve it whenever you need it.

Use Your Smartphone to Chat

As part of the service, you can use Nintendo’s smartphone app to voice chat with fellow gamers during online-multiplayer gaming sessions. Also, you can use the app to enhance compatible games. It provides you with stats and other game-specific information.

Get Access to Exclusive Offers

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to exclusive offers only available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. These perks include things like members-only products and download codes. With the free seven-day trial in the eShop, you can give Nintendo Switch Online a try before you buy. That way you can get a risk-free look at all the features this service has to offer.

Nintendo Switch Online has many great features that you can enjoy. So give it a try today to see if it’s the right venue for you. Check out the free trial today.