Does Rocket League Really Live Up to the Hype?

Rocket League is an incredibly popular arcade-style soccer video game. First emerging in 2015, it has logged a staggering 50 million players over its lifetime. Regular soccer rules apply, except there is no out-of-bounds. The game is fast-paced and wild with players boosting their heavily-customized vehicles into each other. And all while soaring into the air as they chase an oversized soccer ball.

The team with the most goals wins the game, as well as bragging rights. So, read on to learn the four reasons why Rocket League is a massive hit among gamers worldwide.

  1. Ease of Use

For most gamers, Rocket League is simple to understand. A player can join a match within minutes and be vying for the ball as easy as driving a virtual car. There are a handful of excellent tutorials to help players get accustomed to boosting in the air, blocking goals, scoring goals, and other more advanced skills.

  1. Events

Psyonix, the game developers behind Rocket League, occasionally host events in-game. These events allow players to level up and unlock exclusive new event-themed car accessories to show off to other players. This creates a fresh goal for players to work towards while they play. Also, it keeps them coming back to the game for more.

  1. Customization

Each car is customizable with unique colors, skins, rims, boost designs, engine noises, and more. Players can design a car that is truly unique to them. They can spend hours trying different combinations of accessories. And, they can even trade items with other players. Also, they introduce an element of luck with loot crates for purchase, as well.

  1. Competition

Tensions are high in the five short minutes players have to score the most goals, and even more so in the event of an overtime. Gameplay is non-stop action ranging from a calculated one-versus-one game of cat and mouse, up to a massive four-versus-4-four battle crammed into a small arena.

Players can take the competition to the next level with the Rocket League Championship Series. It’s a professional league for the Rocket League community where players can form teams and compete for prize money. But for most players, it’s just an exciting, adrenaline-fueled game to play online with friends and millions of other people.

Rocket League is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch.