The Most Irritating Non-Gamer Commentary Gamers Hate

There are a number of topics or comments non-gamers make that are some of the most annoying things to hear. This non-gamer commentary gets on the nerves for any number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they are just stupid questions, or they make no sense in context. If you’re a non-gamer who knows someone who play video games, here are three of the most irritating of them.

Did You Win?

There are few questions a non-gamer asks that are more annoying than this one. This type of non-gamer commentary implies you were doing a quick match where you either win or lose. It completely disregards things like building up to the desired outcome or focusing on story rather than battling your enemies. Also, it implies that if you didn’t beat the game or overcome some arbitrary objective, you are doing something wrong.

It’s Just a Game

Most gamers are aware that games are games, and not real life. But that doesn’t mean you should remind them of this fact on a regular basis. If they shout or curse at the screen after losing a difficult fight, don’t tell them to calm down because “It’s just a game.” This kind of non-gamer commentary will do little more than to irritate the gamer in question.

If they’ve invested the time and effort to get far into a game, they have a vested interest in achieving the desired outcome. Your gamer friend won’t react well if you tell them to calm down because the game is not real. Would you appreciate it if you were irritated by a hobby, and someone told you to calm down because it was just a hobby? Most likely not.

Hey, Look at This

If someone is playing and you start chattering about your new pair of shoes, that gamer is unlikely to have a positive reaction. Having your immersion broken is not an enjoyable thing for any gamer. So, avoid this type of non-gamer commentary. While it may sometimes be necessary if they’ve been playing for a long time or it’s mealtime, avoid interrupting someone who’s playing if you can.

Most players enjoy immersing themselves in their game world. They will not appreciate suddenly hearing you call out, “Hey come look at this.” If you can afford to wait until later, wait if you can, rather than annoying them. It will work out far better in the end.

Everyone knows someone who loves to play video games. And while some people are more devoted than others, it is important to avoid the non-gamer commentary. Your friend or family member will appreciate your consideration and maybe even free up more time for you.