Reasons Sea of Thieves is the Ultimate Swashbuckling Adventure

Have you ever wanted to search for treasure on a remote island? Would you like to fight pirates and skeletons with a wide variety of unique weapons? How about simply sailing the ocean wide and exploring unique destinations? If you want the ultimate swashbuckling adventure, Sea of Thieves, an online multiplayer pirate game, is for you.

Released in early 2018, Thieves came out in early 2018 and both critics and fans have given it mixed reviews. However, the visuals are stunning. The water looks incredibly life-like and steering the ships feels intuitive and real. Unfortunately, gameplay can feel repetitive and slow, especially if you are playing alone. So, make sure to grab a friend.

Single-Player or Multiplayer?

You can play Sea of Thieves alone or with up to four people. But you’ll find the ultimate swashbuckling adventure on the pirate ship of your choice. You have the option of a small, medium, or large ship, each with their own positives and negatives. Players can take turns performing the typical duties on a ship at sea.

These tasks include hoisting the sails, as well as steering and navigating the ship. Also, you can plug holes, shoot cannonballs, and so much more. While single-player is entertaining enough, you have much more fun when you enjoy Thieves with friends online.

Free-Roam Sailing for the Ultimate Swashbuckling Adventure

The best part of all is that Sea of Thieves is a free-roam game. And that creates endless exploration opportunities. You can sail around the ocean exploring new islands or take on one of three specific quests to add purpose to your journey. Watch out, because you never know when you might come across a massive sea creature or an enemy ship.

All About the Sea of Thieves Quests

  • Gold Hoarders: Searching for digital treasure has never been so entertaining. You can sail to the island that matches the shape on the map to seek out the red X.
  • Order of Souls: Seek out and destroy evil pirates for special rewards. You could even receive magic weapons or potions for completing the quest.
  • Merchant Alliance: Become a delivery-pirate. Find and capture an assortment of animals on neighboring islands and return them for payment.

Sea of Thieves is Rated T for Teen

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Sea of Thieves T for Teen due to themes of violence and also alcohol. Players can shoot cannonballs at other online players and capsize their ships or destroy skeletons as they disappear in a cloud of smoke. Each pirate gets a mug full of alcohol. They can take a swig whenever they want, often becoming dizzy or vomiting after drinking too much. Therefore, this game is not suitable for all ages.

Final Thoughts on the Ultimate Swashbuckling Adventure

Overall, Sea of Thieves is a fantastic game with impressive visuals players are sure to enjoy. Currently, it is only available for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.