Why You Can Say Goodbye to Steam Link Hardware

It was as recently as 2015 that Valve released the Steam Link hardware device. And, in the span of only about three years, it’s already lived its life. This past fall, Valve announced they had sold out in Europe and Steam Link hardware in the U.S. was dwindling fast.

That’s no surprise considering they slashed the price of Steam Link by 95 percent. That means that U.S.-based PC gamers can get their hands on one for only $2.50 plus shipping. That’s good news for bargain hunters because Valve will offer support for their Steam Link hardware in the future.

What’s Next for Steam Link

Just because Valve is retiring the Steam Link hardware, it doesn’t mean Steam members can only game on their PCs. In the future, Valve is planning to concentrate on a software version of Steam Link. With this free app, players can use their local network to push Steam games to any television, tablet, or phone. This is great news for those with an extensive Steam library who don’t want to play on just a computer.

The Steam Link App Isn’t Available to All

Unfortunately, the Steam Link app is presently only compatible with Android devices. That means the iOS mobile and tablet population won’t be able to play Steam games. This seems like an unfortunate choice on Valve’s part. So, it would behoove them to develop the app to support iOS devices, too.