5 Video Game Releases for You to be Excited About in 2019

With this console generation coming to an end and news of the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox on the horizon, game developers are putting the finishing touches on some of the most anticipated titles ever.  While 2018 was an excellent year for the medium due to an unprecedented number of high-profile, superb quality games, 2019 looks to be even better. Here are the top five video game releases for the first half of this year that you should be excited to see.

  1. Resident Evil 2

You probably already played a game with this title over 20 years ago. But, don’t let that fool you into thinking this is some quick remaster. Resident Evil 2 is a big-budget re-imagining of the classic PlayStation game about rookie cop Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. They fight off hordes of zombies in a besieged police station and discover the secrets that led to the outbreak.  This is video game horror at its finest.

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

Disney and Final Fantasy aren’t the most typical of bedfellows, but somehow this series makes it work. In this game, you’ll travel to worlds they based on classic Disney films, such as Hercules and Frozen, while combating the evil Heartless, which threaten to plunge the worlds into darkness.

Part of the reason that Kingdom Hearts 3 is so anticipated is because of how long players have been waiting for it. Kingdom Hearts 2 released well over a decade ago. And although many spinoffs have come since then, the fabled third entry has been on every fan’s mind for years.

  1. Mortal Kombat 11

Details on the newest title in the long-running fighting game series are scarce, by now you should already know what to expect. Mortal Kombat is famous for its absurd, over-the-top level of gory violence and highly accessible gameplay. This makes it an excellent party game, assuming no one at your party is squeamish. So, invite some friends over for a casual afternoon of cracking skulls and breaking spines.

  1. Anthem

The latest attempt at cornering the multiplayer shooter market, Anthem certainly looks to be a serious contender. The core of Anthem is acquiring gear and gaining levels through an addictive class-based combat system. It’s set in a massive alien world that you travel through with the aid of a robotic suit. It allows you to run, swim and fly to explore the gorgeous environments. Expect this game to gobble up every last minute of your free time for months to come.

  1. Devil May Cry 5

Another game a long time in the making is Devil May Cry 5. It’s an action hack ‘n’ slash where you beat up demons with a myriad of fantastical weapons. And it’s all tied together by a schlocky story full of edgy antiheroes and cheesy one-liners. Does it really need more of a hook than that?

The cult classic Devil May Cry series has been on hiatus since the controversial reboot DmC in 2012. But, this new entry seems poised to finally catapult the franchise into the mainstream.

2019 is already looking like another stellar year when it comes to gaming. These were just a few of the titles you should be excited about, with many more blockbusters coming in the latter half of the year. Get your excuses ready now for why you can’t spend time with family and friends when these games are consuming your life.