What is the Missing Piece to the Mobile Gaming Puzzle?

There’s no doubt that mobile gaming is here to stay. But it’s hard to say exactly what the future will hold. Today’s smartphones can handle better graphics and larger games, so the game companies have started to take notice of the platform. Also, a few high-profile companies like Nintendo and Blizzard have begun to make mobile games, so the players are there. Sadly, although many game companies are watching the market, mobile gaming, in general, has earned a bad reputation.

The Missing Piece to the Mobile Gaming Puzzle

Unfortunately, the market is full of bad practices like cloned games, microtransactions, in-game ads, and pay-to-win models. Also, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad on many mobile platforms. One of the reasons for this is simple: mobile games are missing gamers.

This isn’t the casual gamers, either. The platform has plenty of those. What mobile games need if they are ever going to get better is serious gamers. They are the kind of people who will buy games, write reviews, contribute to gaming journalism, and hold mobile gaming to a higher standard.

Why Serious Gamers Matter

Why do serious gamers matter? Console and PC games have benefited from years of gaming journalism that has helped both create and regulate the market for games. Gaming journalism can give game companies an idea of what their target market likes and dislikes. And most importantly, the things that will completely turn them off from a game.

Generally, the people who produce that content are huge gamers themselves. They are people who want to see games get better and want to see more games being played. Because this gaming community has largely ignored mobile gaming, it has allowed bad practices to flourish on the platform. With the market attracting the more casual gamers who might not care about what gaming companies are doing, a lot of mobile gaming companies have been able to turn a profit. And that is despite doing things that would drive most gamers away.

This doesn’t have to be how things are, though. If more gamers were invested in mobile gaming, while paying more journalistic attention, the mobile game market would benefit from some community regulation. The end result is better games, a higher standard, and more enjoyable gaming experiences gamers can take with them wherever they go.