It’s Not All Bad: The 5 Top Benefits of Playing Video Games

People used to think video games were just for kids to pass the time. Grownups didn’t waste their time playing video games because they were too busy working. But with the development of sophisticated video games, this type of thinking has gone out the window. The new breed of video games is aesthetically stunning. If you feel guilty for spending too, here are the top five benefits of playing video games.

  1. Video Games are Relaxing

Some people like to read books and others watch engaging Netflix shows. But playing video games is also a great way to leave behind the stresses of the day and just relax. Focusing on gameplay can take your mind off your troubles, too.

  1. Playing Video Games Can Put You in the Zone

Recently, you hear a lot about the benefits of being in the “zone” or in the “flow” of things. Being engaged in what you are doing helps improve productivity at work. And if you can learn to be in the zone while playing a video game, that will help you to get into the zone while you’re doing other projects, as well.

  1. Video Games Help Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Do you go left or right? Do you try to kill the bad guy or develop an alliance with someone who will help you to do so? You have to make these decisions in video games and in real life. Also, playing video games give you more confidence in your decisions.

  1. Build Your Coordination with Video Game Play

Does your body always do what you want it to do? Or, are your mind and body often in different places? You can develop better coordination while playing video games.

  1. Increase Your Sense of Self Through Video Games

Many video games allow you to choose a persona. Is your persona male or female? What weapons do they use, if any? What do they wear? How do they speak? You get to choose to all this in the video game, which makes you more conscious of how you’re presenting yourself in real life.

Too much of anything is unhealthy, but in moderation, playing video games is good for adults. Studies have shown how advantageous video game play is for seniors, too. So the next time someone tells you not to play them, you can list the benefits with confidence.