4 Exciting Insights on FIFA Vs. Pro Evolution Soccer

Few games can equal the gaming experience that Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA offer. Konami and EA Sports produce PES and FIFA respectively. Over the years, they have always tried to better each other at developing the best soccer game in the world. So if you’re not sure which one is right for you, read on for four exciting insights on FIFA Vs. Pro Evolution Soccer.

  1. Gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, PES offers a better paced, fluid, and realistic gaming experience compared to its counterpart. On the other hand, FIFA offers improved animations and better ball physics.

  1. Player Modes

With FIFA’s licensing power, it has become increasingly difficult for PES to compete with its player modes. The Ultimate Team mode on FIFA gives gamers the ability to come up with a team composed of current and former stars. However, this mode could easily compete with PES’s Master League mode.

  1. Soccer Licenses

PES’s recent loss of the UEFA’s flagship license to FIFA has been a big blow to its fan’s. To compensate for this, Konami has gone on to acquire licenses from domestic leagues including Turkish Super Lig and Russian Premier League. Through licenses such as Premier League, Major League Soccer, Bundesliga, La Liga and recently, UEFA Champion’s League, FIFA continues to dominate the field when it comes to licensing.

  1. Graphics

Both FIFA and PES has a lot in common when it comes to graphics. However, players on FIFA have more realistic facial details and expressions compared to PES. FIFA also has an upper hand when it comes to broadcast graphics as well as their crowd detail. In a nutshell, although FIFA’s latest release features the Active Touch System which is arguably the latest gameplay tweak, PES offers the best gameplay and is as real as football games get.

Hopefully this FIFA Vs. Pro Evolution Soccer comparison has helped you decide which one is best for you. Although FIFA arguably beats PES in some aspects, your choice will be largely influenced by your preference and the specific sporting events you want to play in, as well.