Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Smashes Japanese Sales Charts

Everyone knew Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be a highly successful game. However, no one could have reasonably predicted it would do as well as it has. In Japan alone, the game has managed to sell over 1.3 million copies. This is a huge accomplishment for Nintendo for a few reasons.

  1. Japan’s Console Game Sales Numbers are Declining

While the rest of the world has seen a massive increase in the sales of video games in the past ten years, Japan has actually seen a drop to nearly one-third of its video games sales in 2007. It would be completely reasonable to expect Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to see worse sales numbers than previous entries in Japan, but in reality, it has surpassed every previous entries’ opening sales numbers.

  1. Smash Bros. Ultimate is Selling Better Than Breath of the Wild

This is something that no one could have seen coming. Breath of the Wild has been a massive success. It was practically sold with every Nintendo Switch purchase on release, but even that success was nothing compared to Smash Bros. Ultimate. To help give a bit of perspective on how impressive that 1.3 million figure actually is, consider the fact that it took Breath of the Wild nineteen months to finally reach 1.25 million sales in Japan.

  1. This is a Good Sign for Worldwide Sales Numbers

Even though the only numbers available right now are from Japan, you can use them to extrapolate a fairly accurate estimate of the number of copies they sold across the world. Continuing with the comparison to Breath of the Wild, so far both games have sold a similar number of copies in Japan, but Breath of the Wild has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Considering the mass appeal of both games, it is safe to assume Smash Bros. Ultimate has sold somewhere around 10 million copies so far. If you were to continue extrapolating to get an idea of how well Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will sell 19 months from now, you will appreciate the magnitude of the success Nintendo has seen with their new game.