PS5: The Mystery Surrounding Sony’s Next Gen Gaming Console

After Microsoft and Nintendo announced their alliance to a more inclusive gaming experience, everyone was wondering how Sony would respond.┬áIn an exclusive interview with Wired, Mark Cerny has leaked details about Sony’s plans for next-gen consoles and from the looks of it, it is a complete game changer.

A Mystery with No Name

The unnamed new console is still in its architectural stage, but the upgrades they already developed far surpass Sony and Microsoft’s “mini upgrade” consoles, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. This includes all new 3D audio, backward compatibility, CPU and GPU. Also, for the first time ever, it includes an internal SSD to provide more storage, higher speeds, and quicker rendering. It provides a gaming experience that will launch gamers into the next era of tech.

What is 3D Audio?

You may be wondering, what does 3D audio even mean? If you’ve dabbled into VR gaming, you know what this means. It is a key element in creating a fully immersive gaming experience. Headsets are the gold standard for gaming audio today. And this new feature will surround you in the environment within the game.

But what if you already have the PSVR system? Do you need to buy another system for the new console? The answer is no. The backward compatibility featured on the new console also includes the VR headset. However, no one knows whether the new console can host only PS4 discs or also include other previous generations.

The all-new CPU is from the Ryzen line of AMD processors, specifically their 7nm Zen 2, which boasts eight cores. This is a vast improvement from any other processors on the Ryzen lines of late. In fact, it won’t even be available to consumers until July 2019.

Better yet, they have upgraded the Radeon GPU to a quality equal to big-budget Hollywood VFX. It comes with Nvidia processors, and a method called “ray tracing.” Ray tracing allows for real-time rendering, which is a feat that no console has never achieved before.

The Mystery Behind the Makers: The New Internal SSD

Another great feature is the new internal SSD. And what is the big deal, you ask? Well, it means saying bye-bye loading screens, fast-travel waiting times, and door opening lag. Games will render in the blink of an eye because the system can pull directly from the system hardware.

Unfortunately, Sony is keeping their lips sealed about who is developing it for them. In fact, they giving too many details about the drive since they are still in production. After all, they’ll be needing some quality hardware for some fancy ray tracing.

Sony says they will officially announce this next-gen console at E3 in June of this year. They have yet to schedule a keynote event for E3, but that doesn’t mean it will not happen. So, stay tuned.