Back to the Beginning: A Review of Battlefield 5 on the XBox One

Have you experienced the magic of Battlefield 5 yet? Here is a review of the game on the Xbox One, but you can also play it on the PlayStation 4, as well as Microsoft Windows. If you want to learn much more about this epic experience, be sure to read right to the end.

Battlefield 5 Goes Back to Its Roots

Going back to its roots, Battlefield 5 centers on mankind’s greatest conflict: World War 2. However, the series trademark is the intense, large-scale, and objective-based multiplayer capabilities. Also, it has returned with minor tweaks in class customization and more destructive environments.

Players can significantly alter the appearance of both their in-game avatars and weapons for each class, too. And they can choose from a multitude of camouflages, paint jobs, and face paints.

Reminiscent of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

They can even make small tweaks to weapons as they level them up, including quicker reload times and less recoil. Additionally, the developers made the buildings, bridges, and other structures more destructible in a manner reminiscent of the days of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

But perhaps the most significant change present in Battlefield 5 is the increased emphasis on squad play and cooperation. Players now have to use bandages to heal rather than take place passively. And these bandages, along with ammunition, are more scarce than in previous titles. This means Battlefield 5 players will have to rely on their squad mates for these vital resources to stay in the fight for longer periods of time.

Additionally, players within the same squad can revive each other even without being the medic class. This “buddy revive” is slightly more time consuming than its medic counterpart. However, it is still an innovative tweak to keep squad mates alive and together on the battlefield.

Earn Requisition Points

Lastly, another change to squad play is requisition points, which a squad can earn. And they do that by capturing and defending objectives, following squad orders and distributing ammunition and bandages. The squad leader can then spend these requisition points on supply drops, additional vehicles, or even the devastating rocket strike.

Despite these changes though, Battlefield 5 doesn’t play differently from previous titles and that is not a bad thing. The combat is still smooth, immersive and intense. The maps are expansive and include a variety of environments, including snow-capped mountains, deserts, lush countrysides and cities.

The World War 2 setting makes for no shortage of tanks, warplanes, armored trucks, and other vehicles. All in all, Battlefield 5 seems to do enough to keep things fresh while maintaining its strong roots as an expansive and immersive squad-based shooter.

No matter what game console you play it on, Battlefield 5 is an experience you won’t soon forget. It will not disappoint when you give it a try.