Zombies Everywhere: A Resident Evil Remake Demo Review

It seems as if they’re always remaking video games and Resident Evil is no exception. Although they finally released it, you should play the remake demo before ordering the full game. That way you’ll know if it’s a good choice for your gaming preferences. Here’s a bit more on the Resident Evil remake and the demo itself.

The Birth of a Zombie Franchise

While understanding that the original Resident Evil franchise began decades ago, there is a fascination with the topic of zombies. One of the main influences in the zombie style has been the movies. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was the initial precursor that helped initiate the beginning of the subject.

Years later, Resident Evil helped popularize the subject in video gaming history. With the beginning of ideas such as horror survival gaming, the industry would allow for the fascination of the topic to delve deep into the minds of video game fans and later cultural ideas.

A Resident Evil Remake: Horror Survival Done Right

They based the original Resident Evil on survival horror ideas and the mechanics of gaming. The players needed to figure out how to plan out their attack and retreat to survive their battles. A player who decided to go around without a strategy had a difficult time playing the game. As the strategy intensified, the players understood the new style of gaming was different from previous iterations of such styles.

In fact, it but helped incorporate the new three dimensional graphics of the PlayStation, N64, and Sega Saturn graphics. Each sequence played out with the ability to either search for items or go straight through to prevent an attack. Puzzles allowed the individual to have another level of difficulty added while attempting to strategize their entry and escapes.

Resident Evil Remastered

They recently released the remastered demo of Resident Evil. It helps players understand how the improvement of graphics and modifications can help improve an idea that began years ago. The Resident Evil remake and other versions have had many iterations including the critically acclaimed action/adventure Resident Evil 4. It introduced smooth action combined with the known psychological thrills the game offers vastly.

Best of all, the Resident Evil remake allows the individual to experience the mechanics of Resident Evil 4 with added improved graphics. Yet players have the ability to revisit the nostalgia of the original game. This game goes back to the origins of the Resident Evil franchise in the beginning of the Raccoon City pandemic.

You learn much more of the story through a new way of storytelling that allows gaming fans to experience Resident Evil through a different lens. Instead of reading the booklets or the on-screen dialogue, a gamer can be able to see the events of the first gameplay out in cinematic fashion.