5 of the Best Co-Op Games for Your Next Party

Co-op games are making a resurgence. Instead of competing via split-screen, many games allow multiple players to help each other meet a common goal or outlast all the others to win first. These games take less clean up than a traditional board game and can be a great way to make connections with a group of friends at your next get together.

  1. Overcooked: Multiplatform, Up to Four Players

Overcooked and its sequel, Overcooked 2 allow you to panic and succeed like any professional chef. You can order takeout for your gathering and cook your way through absurd levels, unlike any real-life kitchen you’ve seen before. These co-op games start easy but morph into intense challenges, forcing you to communicate with each other if you want to complete levels. You have to do more than sling food around to get it right.

  1. Super Mario Party: Nintendo Switch, Up to four Players, Includes Larger Group Mini Games

This is a successful reboot of a beloved classic. Super Mario Party combines the aspects of a tabletop game, interspersed with over 80 mini-games to give you an edge while trying to collect the most stars. Puzzle and rhythm games are spread out, giving any skillset a chance to win the party. The group mini-games also allow you to get other members involved, making sure no one is left out of the fun.

  1. Just Dance 2019: Multiplatform, Up to Six Players

The most recent iteration of Just Dance is on multiple platforms, but you won’t need a controller to track your moves because this version uses your smartphone. The Just Dance controller is an app for iOS and Android that is free to download. Connect that to your game, and everyone can dance along until the night is through. There is also an optional online extension that adds new songs, keeping gameplay fresh.

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Nintendo Switch, Up to Four Players on One Switch

Originally for the Wii U, this acclaimed game will have you slinging shells to defeat your best friends. The five different battle modes allow you to try the track however you want. And that includes the Renegade Round Up, which will pit your groups against each other in a cops and robbers style race. The game also has an assisted steering option, which makes this a great game for anyone who may have difficulties playing with traditional controls.

  1. Wargroove: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Up to Four Players

This turn-based strategy game will be sure to catch the attention of any friend group that loves board games but wants to try something new. Players can work together to win skirmishes or play against each other to try and win a map. You don’t have to play the battles in order, so players can swap out whenever they choose. This game also allows you to create your own battlefields, making this game an option for groups of friends that tend to meet up often.

Liven up your next get together by choosing one of these co-op games for your friends to fight against each other and work together.