Overwatch Community Negativity: Teaching Your Children Online Etiquette

Negativity is rampant on Blizzard’s first-person shooter, Overwatch. According to Senior Contributor Erik Kain from Forbes Media, this issue is nothing new. However, the negativity from the game’s community seems to spawn from the adult crowd, which many parents will be relieved to learn. But, it is necessary for parents to be aware of the game environment their children are experiencing. Also, they need to teach their children online etiquette to stop this trend before it grows into another generation.

Teaching Online Manners

Most people never learned online etiquette. Perhaps most people assume that in real life, etiquette would transfer over to how they treat others online, but this is seemingly not the case. Treating others how we would want to be treated seems to be a long-forgotten memory when we log onto a game, an online forum or a social media platform.

People are emboldened by the fact that they can say what they want without any ramifications. At least without the same ramifications as you would receive in real life, like a slap or worse. So teaching younger children to behave online is important to end this behavior. Luckily it can be an easy thing to teach. Online etiquette is no different from how you would treat other people in real life.

So teach your children to treat people kindly. Also, teach them to treat others as they would want others to treat them. It’s all the same after all since people interact with other human beings on the other end.

But along with online manners, be sure to talk to your children about their gaming experience on the web. They need to let you know when someone is harassing them or making them feel uncomfortable. Be sure to find out who your child is playing an online game with and what takes place during gameplay.

It is easy for unsavory people to hide behind a computer screen. Your child needs to know what is acceptable and what is not. So be sure to talk to them and teach them what to watch out for and how to act when they’re online. They will thank you later.